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Lafaenza Ceramica

LaFaenza is a brand of Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola dedicated to interior design, whether for residential or small and medium-sized commercial spaces. The brand interprets a modern, sophisticated and distinctive style and creates it with the care and expertise of our more than one hundred year old ceramic tradition.

Today the company is a dynamic industrial centre of reference in the field of quality ceramics, a symbol of Made in Italy in the world and a global player in the sector. Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola is present on the market with three distinct brands: Imola, LaFaenza and Leonardo. The company's headquarters are located in the city ofImolaThe Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola was founded on 22 June 1874. An elegant and well-kept site, down to the smallest detail. 

The range LaFaenza consists of individual collections that can also be combined with each other for consistency and class. An advanced product for the discerning consumer who is looking for a unique style.

The Essentials

Each factory develops its turnover through key and must-have products in the showroom that works the brand. These products are the the factory's best-sellers, and are distinguished by daily sales in the showrooms. They are among the most important collections in order to generate fast sales and an interesting turnover for you and the factory. 

The series Ego is available in 60×60 and 90×90. timeless, a sure value of the collection, it does not suffer the passage of time and remains in the top sales of the factory. A very successful resin effect! Download the PDF here.

The series Terra It comes in 4 sizes 30×30, 60×60, 90×90 and 60×120. Its modern and elegant design, soft skin and colours make this product very attractive and unusual. Download the PDF here.

The series SCREW is available in 6 colours and 6 sizes, and is the first series from the factory to offer a 6mm thickness for floor and wall. With its simple appearance, it is already a top seller. Download the PDF here.

The Essentials are the heart of the Factory itself. The marketing necessary to display them in showrooms is abundant and offers multiple possibilities to fit the available space. It is generally aesthetically pleasing. These products are easy to sell. By offering them, by pushing them, the results will not wait. Try them, because success is just around the corner. Profitability will also be there.

What's new in CERSAIE 2023

LAFAENZA develops the 6mm and its 6 formats!

The Bologna Fair is a good opportunity for the factory to reveal its new creations, with 7 new series in 6 millimetres to complement the series SCREW which is already a huge success on the French market! Discover it, it's the future!

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