DUNE was born in Spain in the region of Valencia in 1993 with a clear objective, to offer unique products to create original spaces.

Design and innovation are the essence of DUNEThe brand has become a style reference, recognized throughout the world.

The collections are extremely diverse, leading to multiple possibilities, and offer you a range of cutting-edge ceramic wall and floor tiles, beautiful mosaics, flattering basin designs, and a myriad of accessories for private or commercial spaces with a distinctive and special touch.

Fashion and art are our inspiration, our source of creativity. This pushes us to explore the possibilities of different materials, Ceramic, Stone, Glass, Metal to offer you innovative concepts for your decoration. The materials are transformed by DUNE in surprising solutions, in tools for architects and interior designers to create unique and exclusive projects.

The Essentials

Each factory develops its turnover through key products and must-haves in the showroom that works the brand. These products are the best-sellers of the factory, and are distinguished by daily sales in the showrooms. They are among the most important collections in order to generate fast sales and interesting business for you and the factory. 

The series Calacatta The polished version is double polished, giving it a real "mirror" effect. One of the most beautiful on the market. Download the PDF here.

The series Perlanova is another grey marble imitation with beige shades, presented in a matte finish and polished using the double polishing process. Its brightness makes it unique. Download the PDF here.

The series Selene is a very pronounced marble imitation whose veins are reminiscent of flint, both in appearance and colour. Matte or polished according to the double polishing method, it is also unique. Download the PDF here.

The Essentials are the heart of the Factory itself. The marketing necessary to present them in showrooms is abundant and offers multiple possibilities to adapt to the available space. It is generally aesthetically pleasing. These products are easy to sell. By offering them, by pushing them, the results will not wait. Try them, because success is at the end of the road. Profitability will be too.

What's new in CERSAIE 2022

DUNE comes in large formats too!

Faced with a substantial drop in sales of net mosaics, DUNE is propelling itself into the high-end large format market with several 90×90 collections with double polishing and the appearance of marble as rare as it is precious!