Internet affiliation is a partnership between a traffic or business contributor and a commercial site that seeks to develop its activity. The commercial site, then named Advertiser proposes a affiliate program or contract to the website or blog proposed by ACEB Difúsion to promote the targeted products of the advertiser who wishes to make his internet traffic profitable, and generate sales through his Affiliate.

The affiliate program is actually a new form of representation on the Internet and describes how the affiliate will be compensated through commissions on sales by promoting the advertiser's products or services.

This activity is secondary for ACEB Difúsion. Its development is recent and linked to the different confinements of the COVID-19 period. The proximity trade remains the main activity of the agency.

But the world is moving, changing. The impact of the Internet, of online commerce, is constantly growing. And we cannot ignore this exponential progression, which will be unavoidable for all market players tomorrow.


The main partners are important national or international groups. The advantage of these advertisers lies in their financial strength, the wide range of products offered, the very competitive price, and the exemplary logistics concerning the delivery of orders.

The objective is to create showcase sites or blogs that are regularly updated in order to offer products with a high turnover and easy to sell.

Each site can be likened to a local reseller, with the undeniable advantage that it works autonomously and automatically 24/7, with no non-compete or territoriality constraints.

The agency is developing this activity in France and Spain for the moment. The mastery of the English language will soon lead us to the Anglo-Saxon markets as well.